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Learn to install an exterior door with our easy guide. Perfect for DIYers and professionals, this guide covers all the basics in simple steps.

Door Handing

Quickly determine whether your door is an inswing or outswing and identify if it's left-handed or right-handed using our concise chart. Perfect for homeowners and professionals selecting or installing doors.

Paint Options

Explore our top selections from Sherwin Williams' wide range of paint colors, chosen for their popularity and versatility. While we offer any Sherwin Williams color, this guide highlights the most favored choices among our customers.

Stain Options

Exclusively for our wood-grained fiberglass and wood doors, this guide presents our top Zar stain choices. Find the perfect hue to elevate the natural beauty of your door with these popular and versatile stains.

Finishing Your Door

A comprehensive manual for effectively staining or painting your door. This guide provides easy-to-follow steps, ensuring a professional finish whether you're working with wood or fiberglass doors.

Timely Steel Door Frame Installation

Master the installation of Masonite's Timely steel door frames with our straightforward guide. Detailed instructions and tips ensure a smooth, efficient setup for both new and experienced installers.

Our Warranty

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